Hi folks and thanks for stopping by my site. By day I am an investment advisor and CFP with an office in Nags Head. My firm is small by design and fee only--more info can be found on the web at www.darecapital.com.

I started taking scenery pictures traveling and at home on the Outer Banks and got into shooting sports via my interest in surfing and my son Leo's ball teams. My current outfit is a Nikon D7000 and two Nikkor F2.8 zoom lenses (17-55 and 80-200.) Note that the sale of photo prints is by the SmugMug folks, not me.

You can download jpgs of any photo to your computer or cell phone for free by following the instructions: If you see a photo that you would like a copy of, click on the photo to enlarge it. Select the sizes icon from the menu at the bottom right of the photo (three squares) and choose a photo size. If you would like an original size photo, click on the O option. Then click the download icon and specify a folder on your computer or cell phone to save to.

I ask that you get permission before using any of these pictures in any way, and that if you do use the photos that you credit me or the original photographer. Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks and enjoy, Will